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No one’s too young for Disney! Infants at Disney. Part II: All about the parks.

If you are skipping right to Part II, welcome! If you want to head back to part I, about packing click here.

In my last post I went over essentials for plane travel and arrival in Orlando. I also recommend considering renting a car if you are staying on Disney Property. Having baby, infant carrier, stroller and diaper bag on a Disney Transport bus can be quite cumbersome, but not impossible. If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, you can utilize the free transportation all around Disney World.

Here are some tips for using Disney’s transport:

  1. Baby wear.
    • Very helpful for busy buses when you might need to stand.
  2. Fold your stroller.
    • Get this done before the bus comes, it makes boarding the bus easier. Side note: If you are on the monorail or boat, you don’t have to fold your stroller.
  3. Have a plan for who carries what.
    • This makes getting on and off buses less stressful, for sure. Decide who will carry the infant carrier and stroller, and who will carry baby and the diaper bag.
  4. If you are staying on property, send your purchases to your resort for free.
    •  Just ask the cast member who is checking you out for help. You definitely don’t need to have extra bags on a busy bus at the end of the night.
  5. If the bus is very full, you can choose to wait for the next one. 
    • This will allow you to be first on board and secure a seat. Just stay at the front of the line and step aside, while a few more sardines are squished on board.
  6. Try not to leave the park right after a parade or firework display. 
    • It is mass exodus out of the parks after any parade or fireworks. Linger in the shops, have snacks, people watch on a bench, etc. It will be better than waiting in a gigantic line of people and being on a crowded bus.

For touring Disney’s theme parks with baby, I recommend starting the day early, use your 3 fast passes and have an early lunch in the park. Use your My Disney Experience app to get a few more fast passes for later in the evening. Leave after lunch and head back to your resort for nap time and swimming. After nap time, head back into the park to do a few more attractions, have dinner and watch the fireworks. Get a late night snack while everyone else is miserable in the long lines for the buses then slowly meander back to your bus stop.

Park advice: 

  1. My best tip at the parks for infants: baby wear.
    • Invest in a quality, supportive and comfortable wearable carrier. Try it out at home when you are running errands to make sure you love it. You can even wear baby on many of the attractions.
    • We also found that most attractions will not allow you to bring a stroller in the queue. Baby wearing made things very easy and manageable. I have the Beco Gemini carrier, it’s very supportive and works for a wide range of sizes including plus size. Lillie also makes some adorable Disney themed carriers!
  2. Meet characters!
    • It’s a super special and fun memory to get a picture with your favorite characters and your little one.
    • Also please note, characters cannot hold your baby. Once, my hubby tried to hand Max over to Chewbacca. It was awkward and please don’t try it, lol.
  3. Utilize the baby care centers.
    • Ask a cast member or check a Disney World map to locate them in all four parks. You can enjoy some quiet time, air conditioning, rocking chair and even purchase anything for baby you may have forgotten. Chances are, if you need something for baby it’s at the baby care center.
    • (Disney Springs doesn’t have a baby care center but if you need air conditioning and a bit of quiet the welcome center is great. They even had free cold water which was a pleasant surprise.)
  4.  Use hats and burp rags to cover baby for sun protection. 
    • Our pediatrician said Max was too little for sunscreen. Check with your doctor too, of course.
  5. Use rider swap for the attractions you can’t bring your little one on.
    • This allows you and your partner to take turns on the ride while one of you waits with baby. Just ask the cast member at the front of any height restricted attraction for help.
  6. Baby can ride A LOT
    • After all, Walt wanted to create a place the entire family could experience together. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of attractions you can go on with your little one.
    • Max’s first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, which is one of my favs, I was thrilled to see he could ride with me.
    • My rule of thumb, if it’s not height restricted, your infant can ride with you. Just ask the cast member at the front of any attraction if you are unsure.
Baby wearing on Pirates while feeding Max.

Other things to note, all the Disney hotels will provide a pack ‘n play. They will provide a fitted sheet as well. We brought our own pack ‘n play sheet which fits a little better then the Disney provided one. You certainly don’t have to do this but make sure to ask for extra fitted sheets when you check in. If your little one soils the first one, you’ll be glad you don’t have to wait for mousekeeping to bring you another sheet at 3am.

Disney is extremely family friendly and you will not feel out of place. We met lots of other families and many people who talked to Max and had fun getting him to smile. Cast members were so very kind and accommodating. Everyone was helpful answering questions and helping us when we needed it!

Once on a vacation, a lovely couple told me that they brought all their young kids all around the world. I asked them how they managed that and I’ll never forget them telling me “babies will eat and poop anywhere”. I thought this was great advice and turns out…it’s true. 🙂

I hope this helps you out! Do you have any more tips or questions? Leave a comment below. Upcoming blog post, “Toddlers and Disney: Magic or Madness?”

Stay Magical, Y’all.

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