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Disney for a day… with my toddler.

I recently went to visit my family in Louisiana. Hubby couldn’t come because vacay time was low. This meant I was going to fly solo with my “lap infant”. I use the term lap infant loosely because the child is currently wearing size 3T. Anything to save money, am I right?

I mentioned my trip home to my friend, Brittney (she is also from Louisiana) and it just happened that her trip crossed with mine. Brittney lives in Orlando and is always full of great idea. She said “I can drive y’all back to Orlando because I know flights are cheaper….and you can go to Disney for a day”. Disney for a day, in 100 degree scorching heat, with my toddler? Sounds extra magical, sign me up.

The car ride from Louisiana to Orlando is roughly 12 hours and much to my surprise Max was super chill the entire time. He napped, colored and watch all the PBS shows he loves. I sat next to him because he was not happy sitting alone. Other than that, the car ride was uneventful. That evening, we arrived at our Disney hotel around 9 pm and checked in for our 2 night stay.

The next day, the plan was to have breakfast at The Polynesian, go to Magic Kingdom, and dinner somewhere quick.

Getting on a Disney bus along with a toddler is an event. Baby wearing Max allowed me to survive the bus ride. You’d think I can control him and hold his tiny hand but… NOPE. When Max wants to get free, he turns into baby Hercules and wriggles his way out.

In addition to baby wearing Max, I also had the diaper backpack and the stroller. So, there I was wearing Max, carrying a backpack and a stroller and people are staring at me like I’m the stand by queue for Flight of Passage.

After our transportation fiasco, we went over to the Polynesian for tonga toast. Tonga toast is bread stuffed with bananas, fried and then covered in cinnamon sugar. You can find this at Capt. Cooks as well as Kona Cafe.

Inside Capt. Cooks, It was super crowded.This was a little stressful for me. Navigating the stroller by myself was tricky and I felt like I was in everyone’s way.

The only table inside Capt. Cooks is all the way in the back. I bumped into everything trying to push a stroller and hold my food. Luckily, my tonga toast was unharmed.

Tonga Toast!
Max enjoying his tonga toast and eggs.

Max and I took the monorail over the Magic Kingdom. It was not crowded on the monorail at all and I didn’t even have to fold the stroller. Max enjoyed the ride and made friends with some kids on the seat across from us.

After going through the turnstiles, we went straight to Dumbo. I knew Max would love to play in the playground while we waited in the queue. About half way through the Dumbo queue, you can opt to let your children play in the air conditioned playground. When you are finished playing, you continue on your way to the ride. It’s a fun way to pass the time.

Around lunch time, I was lucky enough to meet up with another friend from Louisiana and her sweet girls. We ate lunch and rode a few things together including Dumbo. We had lunch and then I met up with my cousins. I’m very lucky that I have friends and family who live near Disney. 🙂

Altogether this is what we accomplished in about 7 hours: Dumbo twice, one full loop on the train, haunted mansion, lunch at Cosmic Ray’s, small world, the carrousel, and Winnie the Pooh. We also stopped for snacks at Columbia Harbour House where Max took a long nap.

riding the carrousel

On the way out of the Magic Kingdom we stopped to grab a few sweet treats from the Main Street Confectionery, a tradition to end all my Disney trips. Max had an entire cookie, I had a bite and it was delicious.

couldn’t even get him to look up at me, lol

At the end of the day, we took the monorail over to the ticket and transportation center and met up with Brittney. We decided to have dinner at Maya Grill in Coronado Springs. We walked right in after making a reservation on the drive over.

I had not eaten at Maya Grill before this trip. It was extremely fresh and delicious. So delicious in fact, that we didn’t even take a picture of our food! Brittney got the house made guacamole and green tortilla soup. We also got chips and salsa for the table. I had the fajita skillet and I picked the kid’s catch of the day for Max which was sea bass. I tasted everything on the table and it was amazing, the service was also perfect. Maya grill gets two thumbs way up for me.

Our flight the next morning was around 7:30 am which meant our magical express was set to arrive at 3:45. I opted to take an uber at 5 am. It cost less than $30 and we arrived with ample time to get through security. The flight was full and Max was “that child” on the flight. His only real meltdown in 2 weeks of traveling.

One short day at the Magic Kingdom was a special surprise treat. I’m not a fan of visiting Disney during summer months as it’s extremely hot and the crowds can be heavy. We did have a great time and I survived a “semi” alone trip to Disney with my toddler.




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