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What happens when things go wrong at Disney World?

I have been meaning to post this to my blog for a month now but, life got in the way as it tends to do. Back at the end of September, I was fortunate enough to visit Disney World for short trip. I wanted to attend the Halloween Party and my High School Bff was going to be in town. It was kismet.


I secured a preferred room at All Star Movies and was able to request one of the renovated rooms. It’s darn well time they updated these rooms, if you ask me. I enjoyed the new renovations but, felt that now the vanity area feels a little more cramped. To me, the beds are way more comfortable now and it feels more like a moderate room. Overall, All Star Movies is my favorite of All Star Resort because of the theming. I included some photos of our recently renovated rooms below.

Jessica picked me up from MCO and we headed over to drop our bags off at All Star Movies. I checked in online, I always recommend checking in online. It’s overall a better and quicker experience.

We had plans to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that evening, my favorite! I had placed our costumes in my checked bag. Of course, I used Magical Express for my checked luggage. Magical Express claims to deliver your bags 3 hours after you arrive at your hotel. I arrived at 12:15 so I figure, 3:30 by the latest.

This is confusing to me, because if check in isn’t until 3:00, or even 4:00 pm at some hotels, how is the 3 hour delivery time accurate? If I arrive at my hotel at 8:00 am, will I receive my bags in my room at 11 even though check in isn’t until 3? Am I the only crazy person over analyzing the Magical Express luggage delivery time?  Probably.

Hindsight, I should have went and got my bag myself. I was way too excited to see my friend and helloooo we are going to DISNEY! I wanted to get there like… yesterday. haha

As I’m sure you are assuming by now, I did NOT receive my bags at 3:30. We got the text our room was ready around 2:30 and waited until 3:30 to call. They had said, “your bag just arrived once they are scanned in, we will delivery them to your room”. GREAT, they arrived and just need to scan. I asked if I can go down on my own to get my bag, they said no.

4:15, no bags. So, I called again. I was told the same thing, your bags are here, and on their way soon. We were aiming to get to the Magic Kingdom for 5:30 which we knew was not happening at this point. 4:45, no bags. At this point, Bff calls and pretends to be me since I’m losing my cool. We are missing precious MNSSHP time here, folks. At 5:00pm they say the bag just got here and will be brought up soon. Ummmm… but they said at 3:30 it was here? They assure us the bag will be on it’s way.

5:30, and still no bag. WHAT?!?! We call again, and they said “OH NO”. Oh no? Oh no, what? They had delivered my bag to the wrong room. They promised to send someone asap to retrieve my bag. Bff goes down to see if the other room will open the door for us, nobody answered. I decided to head over to the lobby concierge. At this point, we are missing precious party time, dinner reservations, fast passes, etc.

Have no fear, Disney World guest services are here! Guys, they really did more than make up for the mishap! Not only did they quickly get the bag to the right room, we got 3 fast passes (for anything but Pandora and Toy Story), $75 to make up for missing dinner, a taxi to the party and bff got a one day park hopper to use the next day! Amazing! And this is one of the many reasons I love Disney, y’all. They will always make things as right as they can.

Moral of the story, it’s travel and things can go wrong. Always try to be kind to the cast members when things go wrong. Disney empowers their cast members to make things right for everyone. They are they to help you out! 🙂 Has anything ever gone wrong for you at Disney? Leave me a comment and let me know. Stay Magical, y’all!

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