Saving for the Mouse.

Almost everyone who asks me about Disney trips wants to know how to save money. I’ve been fortunate through the years to stay at Disney World many times and also on many different budgets. Disney ain’t cheap but it’s totally doable on a budget and with all the new announcements at Disney, now is the time to book and trip and start saving.

In my experience, the biggest expenses for a Disney World vacation are likely to be a hotel, park tickets, and food. Transportation might also be a bit expensive depending on where you live.

For Hotel savings:

  1. Rent Vacation club points.
    • If you want to stay in a Deluxe Level Disney Hotel for Moderate Level prices you can rent DVC points. There are many websites out there and I recommend doing a google search but I’ve used DVC request before with no problems. I’ve also heard amazing things about
  2. Stay off property.
    • I love staying on property, however, it can be huge savings for families over 6 who might otherwise need 2 rooms.
    • When staying off property keep in mind, parking every day at Disney World can range from $22-$50 a day depending on your car type. Make sure to add this fee to your off property daily rates.
  3. Hotel hop.
    • Split your stay, especially if you are getting in really late on your first day. Opt for a few nights off property or a value level Disney hotel for a few nights. When changing hotels, Disney World will even move your luggage, free of charge.
  4. Call Disney World for updated promos.
    • If you see a recent promo at Disney, make sure to call and see if you are eligible for the reduced rate. Hey, it can’t hurt to ask right?

Theme park tickets savings, is it possible? 

In the 33 years, I’ve been going to Disney, Disney World has not frequently offered steep discounts on theme park tickets. If you are a Florida resident be sure to log in to your Disney World account to view annual pass discounts and payment plans.

  1. Check with your employer. 
    • It may be the case that your company may have a national discount program offering savings on theme park tickets.
  2.  Wait to add park hopper.
    • Rather than adding park hopping at the time you purchase your tickets, I recommend waiting as it can save you around $80 per person.
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