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Brunchin’ at the Top

View from the 15th Floor of the California Grill

It’s no secret that my favorite thing to do at Disney (or anywhere for that matter) is to eat.

If you’ve never been to the California Grill, you’ll immediately feel like royalty when you check in with the hostess on the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort. From there, an attendant will assist you in your private elevator up to the 15th floor where the California Grill is located.

Upon arrival on the 15th floor, we were immediately offered the signature cocktail. It was champagne with blueberry boba.

I had one, or two, or six. My champagne was refilled like it was water so I lost count.

The house-made Charcuterie was by far everyone’s favorite item. Some of the best Charcuterie and homemade pickles I’ve ever had for that matter. Halfway through my first plate I realized that I hadn’t taken a photo, so please enjoy my half-eaten Charcuterie. It still looks amazing. haha!

Look at the deliciousness. Take me back.

In addition to the all you can eat buffet, (which includes way more than just the Charcuterie), you will also be able to pick an entree. I shared the Shakshuka and the Steak and Eggs. Everything was delicious and perfect.

Desserts were a variety of pastries and chocolates for the table.

One of the chocolates was “ponzu” flavored. It was surprising and I loved it. Everything felt extravagantly delicious in the best way and nothing was overly sweet. Beautifully presented.

Do you think they made this hidden Mickey on purpose?

If you are interested in booking this make sure to set your alarm. It’s widely popular which means you’ll need to call on the 180-day mark. This brunch is in the $90 range before tax and tip. You can get an AP discount and tables in wonderland, last we checked.

It’s a hefty price tag but when you include all the food, champagne, and overall experience I find this a STEAL. For a fun bonus, you can always save your receipt from brunch and come back for Happily Ever After fireworks viewing later that day! I should also note, valet parking for brunch is complementary.

I’m a huge character meal fan and I would pick this brunch over any character meal. It might be my favorite meal ever at Disney World. Does this mean I’m growing up now?

Hope you enjoyed reading. As always, keep it magical everyone!

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