Every day should be Spa day.

Have you ever given thought to trying one of the Spas at Disney World? Well, ponder no longer, I can help convince you it’s 100% worth every penny.

I hate massages… said nobody, ever

First of all, there are several spas at Disney World but I recommend “Senses – A Disney Spa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort“. It’s the biggest of all the spas at Disney which allows for more room to spread out and relax. It’s located at Saratoga Springs resort and you can get there by driving, via Disney Bus or boat from Disney Springs or my favorite take a quick uber if you are already on Disney World property.

When you book any spa service, you’ll have full access to the spa facilities for the entire day. Therefore, I recommend arriving a few hours early or staying a few hours after your session.

When you first walk in you’ll be greeted and given a tour of the facilities if you’ve never been. You’ll also be escorted to your locker room and given a robe and slippers to wear. You’ll have the chance to lock up your bag, cell phone and any other items in a personal locker. Just about everything you could need is readily available such as towels, toothbrushes, hairbrush and hairstyling tools. That said, you’ll need to bring your own swimsuit for use in the whirlpool and sauna.

When waiting for your service to begin, you’ll be in the relaxation room. Here you can find light beverages and snacks. Your attendant will arrive in the room and call your name. At the conclusion of your service, you can head back to the relaxation room for an adult beverage or you can go straight back to the locker room.

I’ve had massages, pedicures, and manicures and everything has been amazing! Remember to be sure to ask about discounts. On my last visit they were offering 15-25% off for Annual Passholders, Disney Visa cardholders or DVC. In addition, a 20% gratuity is automatically added on every spa service.

I cannot speak highly enough about the Disney Spas. They are especially wonderful after one of the RunDisney races or mid vacation when you’re feet are especially aching. End the day with a wonderful meal at Disney Springs or fireworks at Magic Kingdom for the extra luxurious feel.

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Brunchin’ at the Top

View from the 15th Floor of the California Grill

It’s no secret that my favorite thing to do at Disney (or anywhere for that matter) is to eat.

If you’ve never been to the California Grill, you’ll immediately feel like royalty when you check in with the hostess on the 4th floor of the Contemporary Resort. From there, an attendant will assist you in your private elevator up to the 15th floor where the California Grill is located.

Upon arrival on the 15th floor, we were immediately offered the signature cocktail. It was champagne with blueberry boba.

I had one, or two, or six. My champagne was refilled like it was water so I lost count.

The house-made Charcuterie was by far everyone’s favorite item. Some of the best Charcuterie and homemade pickles I’ve ever had for that matter. Halfway through my first plate I realized that I hadn’t taken a photo, so please enjoy my half-eaten Charcuterie. It still looks amazing. haha!

Look at the deliciousness. Take me back.

In addition to the all you can eat buffet, (which includes way more than just the Charcuterie), you will also be able to pick an entree. I shared the Shakshuka and the Steak and Eggs. Everything was delicious and perfect.

Desserts were a variety of pastries and chocolates for the table.

One of the chocolates was “ponzu” flavored. It was surprising and I loved it. Everything felt extravagantly delicious in the best way and nothing was overly sweet. Beautifully presented.

Do you think they made this hidden Mickey on purpose?

If you are interested in booking this make sure to set your alarm. It’s widely popular which means you’ll need to call on the 180-day mark. This brunch is in the $90 range before tax and tip. You can get an AP discount and tables in wonderland, last we checked.

It’s a hefty price tag but when you include all the food, champagne, and overall experience I find this a STEAL. For a fun bonus, you can always save your receipt from brunch and come back for Happily Ever After fireworks viewing later that day! I should also note, valet parking for brunch is complementary.

I’m a huge character meal fan and I would pick this brunch over any character meal. It might be my favorite meal ever at Disney World. Does this mean I’m growing up now?

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I ran a marathon at Disney!

Hello friends! Are you considering signing up for the Walt Disney World Marathon? I’d like to tell you about my experience and why I love RunDisney events.

After I completed the Princess Half Marathon, I definitely wanted to sign up for another RunDisney event. I decided on The Walt Disney World Half Marathon. This is usually held around the second week of January. Only one thing went wrong… it was sold out!!

If you read my previous post about my first RunDisney race, you’ll know my friend Brittney enables my running habit. I called Brittney and she convinced me I could finish a marathon. I bit the bullet, and signed up for the full marathon.

So, I’m signed up. Now what? I followed Jeff Galloway’s half marathon training plan, so I figured he could get me through a full as well. Thus, I began the journey of increasing my miles from 13.1 to 26.2. I trained for about 7 months and it went by very quick. Due to life kinda getting in the way, the longest run I was able to do was 18 miles.

A few things I remember about increasing my miles:

Completing your goal makes you feel really great about what you can accomplish, AKA “runners’ high”.
You get to set a lot of personal records.
Much to my dismay, you don’t get a medal for running more than 13 miles in your neighborhood. haha!
Other runners are kind and encouraging.
Long distance running is very time consuming. My long runs would be on my only day off. I spent half my day running, recovering and soaking my feet.

Before I knew it, Marathon Weekend was here in a flash and it was time to check into my Disney resort.

Pro tip: If you know you are going to sign up for a RunDisney event, book your hotel as soon as you can.

Although January after New Years crowds start thinning out, It tends to be a bit busier at Disney World during the January Marathon Weekend. Because of this, I had a hard time getting a 4 night consecutive stay. I had one night at Pop Century and then 3 nights at Caribbean Beach. At Caribbean Beach I had 1 night in a pirate room and 2 nights in a standard room.

I don’t mind hotel hopping and frequently hotel hop by choice. Disney will even move your bags to your new hotel if you call bell services.… Read the rest

Running around The World, my first RunDisney race ever!

I started running back in 2012, well more like “slogging” which is what I call “slow jogging”. Back then I was living next to Central Park in the (upper upper upper) East Side, and it felt like everyone was a runner. Some of my friends suggested that I start running as way to be healthier and relieve stress. Since Central Park was very pretty, and literally there were no excuses left, I started on my venture to become a slogger…”ahem”…runner.

Let me just start by saying that in Middle and High School, I was the person who avoided running. I was never the athletic girl and still today I don’t consider myself a high level performing athlete. I’m an average girl who wanted to find an inexpensive way to be healthy and get some exercise.

A mile seemed doable, 4 miles impossible and 26.2 was just… crazy! I stepped out my door and decided for the first time, to try for 2 miles of mostly speed walking in Central Park. I ended up somewhere on the Upper West Side of Manhattan before I realized I was so lost, with no metro card, no money and my phone battery had also died. Let’s just say that at Disney World I know my way around but since I wasn’t at Disney and I didn’t know my way around Central Park, my first 2 miles run turned into 4.5 miles. Seeing as how I didn’t think I could ever manage 4 miles and I just had (albeit not on purpose), I signed up for a 5K with my new found “runners high”.

I used my Iphone and the Nike app to train for the 5K, and to my surprise I finished the 5K and I wasn’t last! I cried as I crossed the finish line and texted my friend, Brittney. She’s always been my biggest supporter and has even just earned her Abbot World Marathon Majors six star medal. She quickly asked when I was signed up for my first half marathon at which point I laughed and said let me run a 10K, first. I signed up for a few more 5Ks in NYC and after my next one decided I should look into a Disney race!

I decided I would do the Princess 10K. Once the race registration opened up, I had to wait until pay day which meant… 10K IS SOLD OUT!… Read the rest

To add the dining plan or not? That is the question.

Recently, my family and I went to Disney on a “runcation” (what’s up runDisney fans)! A runcation, for those who don’t know, is when you go on a vacation to run a race. It’s basically another excuse for me to plan more trips to Disney…like I need more excuses.

Lets get back on topic, EATING! Eating around Disney World is one of my favorite things to experience. Disney never falls short of having plentiful varieties of cuisines to please everyone’s taste buds and who doesn’t love Mickey shaped food!

If you are staying on Disney property you can have the option to add the dining plan. It can be a great value but you could also end up spending more money with the dining plan too. Is it for you?

I’ve added the dining plan on many past trips but it has been years since I’ve considered it. Why change my mind now? This was the hubby’s second trip ever and I wanted him to be able to experience the dining plan, for research purposes, of course. Also, the appeal of having everything paid for upon arrival and essentially stress free vacation sounded amazing.

Pierre and I spent a long time writing out and planning the pros and cons of the dining plan. We were on the fence about adding it and whether we would be able to get our money’s worth. If you’re like me and considering the dining plan I’ll give you a break down of what we found out!

There are three tiers of dining plan available:

Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plan

Disney Deluxe Dining Plan

The Quick Service plan for everyone over 3 includes 2 snacks and 2 quick service meals per night of your stay.

The Disney Dining Plan for everyone over 3 will include 1 snack, 1 quick service and 1 table service per night of your stay.

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan for everyone over 3 will include 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Meals can be table or quick service on this plan, but I do not advise using your meals for quick service.

All the plans include a refillable mug to use at any Disney resort. This is especially great if you like to visit the other resorts. You can also get an alcoholic beverage for one of your beverages under all of these plans.

A few things to consider, if you have a child aged 3-9 they HAVE to order from a children’s menu where it’s available, which is everywhere because, hey it’s Disney World.… Read the rest

Max’s First Hair Cut

First Hair Cut: Harmony Barber Shop in the Magic Kingdom

A dream of mine was always to bring my own family and children to Disney. I was so happy to be able to do this I knew we also had to get Max’s first hair cut in the Magic Kingdom.

You can book a haircut up to 180 days out. Just call (407) 939-7529 and ask for the “My First Haircut package” (or any haircut you’d like). You can also go for walk-in appointments but they are very limited. I would recommend calling to secure the time and day you’d like. Less stress and worry on vacation is always the best!

You’ll be required to leave a card on file but you are not charged at the time of booking your appointment. A $10 charge will be included if you do not show up. You can also pay with a different card once you get there, so no worries.

The My First Haircut package is $25, which is a great value when you also consider you are getting a pair of special Mickey Ears! What a great souvenir and memory from your little one’s trip!

Children haircut’s (9 and under) are $18 and Adult haircut’s are $19. Tipping is optional.

I called right at 180 days and got the first appointment of the day on a Thursday. We went straight to the barber shop upon park opening at 9am. I made the earliest appointment because I knew Max would be in a good mood after waking up and having breakfast! Momma’s know best, use your best judgement when booking your time.

The Barber shop is located to the left of main street. If you find yourself getting close to the castle, you’ve gone too far.

As a first time mom I was super nervous about how Max would handle a haircut. The ladies in the Barber Shop were incredibly welcoming and warm and we were immediately helped. Max got so many stickers and a light up wand to play with upon arrival. His attention was immediately on the light up wand and he didn’t even notice he was getting his ears lowered!

Diane was our stylist and she was quick and clearly skilled at making sure our little one was comfortable and happy the entire time. She packaged up his first trimmings in a cute little bag adorned with pixie dust and a Mickey Mouse sticker.Read the rest